Gas stations and gasoline prices

by Petr Zvonicek

Screenshots of iPumpuj



What is iPumpuj?

The iPumpuj application allows you to easily find the nearest and cheapest petrol stations in the area (only for the Czech Republic).

What it does?

  • List of tapping stations in the area
  • Fuel prices at a selected gas station
  • Operating time of the pumping station
  • Choice of preferred fuel
  • Map of stations including the price of preferred fuel
  • Records of favorite stations and preferred operators
  • Synchronize favorite stations via iCloud
  • Possibility to update prices at the station
  • Ability to add and edit gas stations
  • Offline mode, database accessible without internet connection
  • Automatic database update
  • Navigation at the gas station
  • Search for stations by name and city
  • marking of filling stations with SGS quality seal
  • designation of filling stations receiving DFC cards


We share data only with the Pumpdroid application.


In case of problems with the functionality of the application, contact us at [email protected]

iPumpuj Application © 2022. Developed by Petr Zvonicek